Monday, September 30, 2013

Video On Demand

Many of us have come to appreciate Video On Demand. Imagine all those movies just waiting for us to watch when we want and when it is convenient for us to do so! It's wonderful to have especially as life has become so busy. Sure its great for movies, but what happens when do the same with God? When we use God On Demand!

Unfortunately, many times we can turn to God On Demand, only when we want and when it is convenient for us to do so! God help me here! God get me through this! God it would be great if you were here with me right now! We cannot turn to God On Demand. God is much more than a simple service provider!

God is a living and loving reality. God seeks a relationship with us at all times. I heard recently, do you know why God speaks to us very softly instead of yelling at us? The answer is because God is always close to us! God doesn't need to yell as if He was far away. No matter how far we may think we run away from God or our decisions keep us away from God, God is always there!

God is there because He desires, seeks, yearns to share His love, forgiveness, mercy, direction, and strength with us. God wants a relationship that is more than an On Demand service. So make a choice today. Focus on a relationship with God. A relationship that is more than On Demand, rather a relationship lived In Love!

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