Thursday, February 27, 2014

Failure to Victory

There is a thought by some that in order to believe in God and to follow Christ one must be without fault or sin. This is not entirely correct. Although Jesus calls us to be perfect as the Heavenly Father is perfect, we, nonetheless are sinners in need of forgiveness and salvation. Enter Jesus! Jesus came into the world to save us and to show us the way! Since the beginning of time God has called humanity into a relationship knowing that with free will we can at times fall short of the holiness we are called to live. God always recalls the goodness with which He created us and so provides the grace needed to overcome the evil and to choose good. The moral is when we fall short or slip up that we don't go backwards or give up. Rather we get back up and live with gratitude for God's grace which gives us the strength to live another day and to strive for holiness! So don't just look at your mistakes or your blemishes. Instead allow God to use you for His glory and for the salvation of the world.

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  1. Our God can wash away sin from anyone and all that remains is his love.