Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Now?

Have you ever noticed that it is so easy in life to be joyous when things are going well?  Happiness is so easy to find when everything seems to be just fine. Sometimes things are going so well that we forget to thank God for the blessings in our lives. Yet, the moment things take the turn for the worst, who do we go to? We go to God! Sometimes we go to God for help or strength. Others times we may even blame God. If the struggle is too much, the first question we ask God is why? Why me Lord? How come I have to go through this pain? I believe it is okay to take the time to feel the pain, sit with the sorrow, and to experience the hurt. We should speak with someone and share our experience. For if we do not face the pain, things could get worse, we may even get depressed. However, when the time is right we have to take the next step. We have to ask God a better question than why me? We need to ask what now? God, what are you asking me to take and to learn from this experience? Always remember that the cross stands for something more than death. It signifies new life and salvation. So remember once we face the pain of the cross we must go further to the joy of the resurrection and the new life it brings!

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  1. Thank you Fr.Erik for this reflection
    Hello my name is Gabby new follower :-)

    I don't think that I have ever asked God that question of Why Me? because growing up my mother always told me that we just simply don't question Him that everything had a purpose, but I always thought to myself Well then what? What do I do know? to whatever I was going through good or bad. I am glad that I came across this reflection.

    Thank you